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CM8000 × 2 double rolls rice polisher is large-scale high-yield equipment, well-designed and manufactured on base of years of professional technology of research and development of rice polishing machine and integrated new notion and new standard of green rice and health. With double rolls of up and down structure,  the machine features big capacity, covering small required area,compact structure and easy to operate. It is the best upgrading solution for modern branding, scaling for rice company to meet the need of deep - processing production.

Technique parameter


power(kw): 75-90


The polishing chamber of the machine is compact, and the double roller in the same operation surface can be directly interchangeable by means of taking down screen bracket . The replacement process is convenient and quick to meet the requirements of different rice polishing.
The application of newly designed polishing roller in pieces, with smooth surface and wear resistance, good polishing effect, high yield, less increase, both meets the requirements of rice polishing process and effectively prevents bran ball to stick to the surface of polishing roller;

The use of automatic components such asprecision flowmeter, intelligent ammeter, temperature controller, negativepressure meter , with multi-position automatic constant temperature and highpressure air spray device and throttle adjustment device, makes the control of polishing process is simple and reliable, fast and clear, of high degree ofautomation, to ensure that the stability of the polishing effect controls inthe best condition;

The machine is equipped with pneumatic feedgate and with fine adjustment mechanism, door switching fast, accurate and sensitive;