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CM6500s rice polisher is a new type product integrated professional technology of many years and modern new notion of polishing. Equipped with international brand parts, the machine has big capacity, convenient operation, stable performance and reliable. It is not only applied to complete set of equipment for rice milling plant but also use alone for rice further processing.

Technique parameter:


Power(kw): 75

Large output and high efficiency. 4.5 ~ 6.5 tons / hour by one machine,  while reaching 6 to 8 tons / hour by double.
The application of combining high wearable polishing cylinder with multirib and subsection structure and subsection sieve with different specifications meets technological requirements of various type of rice polishing. Polished rice has high degree and becomes lucent on its surface, less broken rice increment.
Large scope of flow control ensures mutilposition high pressure spray, keeping watering uniform and spraying sufficient, thereby making polishing effect stable all the time and easy to operate at the same time.
The application of intelligent ammeter ,air gate adjustment device and imported negative pressure meter ensures that whole polishing processing is carried out under the condition of negative pressure of quantification thereby having stable and controllable polishing effect.
With well-designed screen brackets, easy maintenance, easy disassembly, raising work efficiency.