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Human resources

      Welcome you to YONGXIANG !

     Founded in 1998, the company has become an up-and-coming youngster of China grain machinery industry in amazing achievement and in great-leap-forward 

     development after going through all kinds of hardships. With good credit,  fine superior product, advanced technology,  strict management, solid strength and 

     so on,  it has successfully  written down glory histories belonged to YONGXIANG people.

     Rice milling machineries, made in YONGXIANG.

     This is what YONGXIANG people pursue persistently. To achieve this goal,  more men of talents are welcome to join us besides the need of spirit of innovation. 

     YONGXIANG is willing to provide a stage for all who are ambitious to promote the prosperity of national grain machinery industry and to realize self-worth.

     We believe your joining will be able to promote flourishing of the cause of  YONGXIANG !

     We feel proud that because of your contribution,  YONGXIANG will add a new splendor.

     For job wanted, please offer the copy of resume,  personal  photo,  ID card,  educational   background  certificate  etc., and  describe the positions and salary 

     you wanted.