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Human resources

The enterprise culture

The enterprise spirit: honesty and practicality, hard work, innovation and efficiency
The core value of the service: the customer is worse than the bad management philosophy: be conscientious, be honest and honest
Talent  and technology are the foundation of the enterprise,  the integrity and the quality  are the life of the enterprise 

Be a man before you do something A man is a good man, but a good man
Employees grow with the company

Yongxiang  man vision
Solidarity,  innovation,  with modern CNC equipment,  intensification  of professional  technology, optimizing configuration of globalization and standardization of scientific management, make the international  first-class level grade precision milling machinery products. 

Through the products and services, continuously enhance customer value, make the permanent auspicious rice milling machinery to become the world's major customers can rely on the world famous brand in the heart, let our life and work more happiness, more beautiful!

declaration of eternal peace
Life is limited, and no panacea can keep eternal youth. However, enterprise’s  tree of life is evergreen, as endless vitality stems from its immortal soul. This is the corporate culture.

Yongxiang culture makes our thinking communicated , emotion closely linked to , action unified and ideas constantly updated to become an indestructible and harmonious

unity  in order to achieve the human desire continuously to pursue higher quality of life with our infinite wisdom, so that enterprise lives up to the "Yongxiang" - the beautiful name.

We are pragmatic and truth-seeking, preparing for danger in times of safety, constantly beyond self ,always understanding the tortuous and bright in the course of development of enterprises and bright.

We believe in innovation, Put all conservative thoughts restraining scientific and technological progress away, everlastingly learning, digesting and absorbing advanced technology and adopting at the fastest speed  to develop new products. 

We attach importance to quality, and establish a concept of "Quality is enterprise’s life", and never ignore details, well-designed, well manufactured, making every   processing refined and perfect, and never let any  defective product leave factory.

We are strict in management, and adhere to the concept of "first-class products from first-class staff". We advocate self-discipline and regulate people’s behavior with the system, and never reduce the work standards.
We are people-oriented, and always have respect for human rights, talent and pioneering spirit.  Quality  of  products  is as one man’s character, so be honest, do best. Fair competition, survival of the fittest, we oppose egalitarianism.

We respect the user, and believe in the business ethics of "honest and trustworthy, the user first", always using the most advanced technology, highest quality materials, the most timely pace, the most attentive service to customers’ satisfaction.

When they showed dripping springs is reported. We will never forget the help and support which any person  has given us, especially in the face of adversity.

We love the staff, taking heart as a garden, blood as the spring, nurturing and building solidary staff team with both ability and moral integrity. The staff love one’s work, emphasis on professional ethics, feeling proud when enterprise prospers while disgrace when enterprise declines.  

We admire the nature and cherish all natural resources and human wealth, always encouraging frugality and opposing waste in any form, regarding the waste, intentional or unintentional, as a crime.

We create harmony, calling for security with conscience , sowing friendship with sincere, getting equality with respect, beautifying the environment with love.

We meet the challenges with conviction!

We dance with “wolves” by strong strength!

We win reputation by the excellent quality!

We build Yongxiang company into an world-class giant enterprise of rice milling machineries!