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CMG series rice polisher With the layout of parallel double cylinders, CMG 16X2 rice polishers feature such strong point as large capacity,high polishing degree and few broken rice . 

The user can be flexible to adjust the process in accordance with the actual needs of production.  Owing to high cost-effective the machine meets the requirements of various type of rice milling plant.

Technique parameter:



The machine consists of two sets of the polishing system (dual-motor, dual-control system),which can be independently controlled,compact structure, small required area.

According to the actual needs of production, flexible to adjust the working conditions of the twin-cylinder.

Newly designed combined polishing cylinder, whose surface with a special treatment, is smooth and wear-resistant, long useful life. Together with wear-resistant screens with different types , polished rice turn to the higher grade, moreover less broken rice increment , larger output,more bright and white surface, completely able to meet the needs of different grain type in rice polishing   process .
The use of multi-positional spray devices, with multi-directional throttle control ensures the best polishing effect.
The assembly of twin-cylinder can be commonly exchanged to facilitate maintenance.