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It is known that the biggest challenge for nowadays rice color sorters is making the foreign objects whose color, size and density are similar to regular rice distinguishable. Laser has a significant advantage in distinguishing those objects due to its natural characteristics. The specific feature differences are maximized by using Laser illumination and therefore make it possible to recognize the harmful impurities which are similar to rice in color and density, such as white stone, plastic, ceramics, and glass, etc.

LS series is excellent in basic sorting modes(yellow, spot, white-belly, transparent, etc.), in addition, LS series are even better in sorting the color-defect rice, white-belly rice with light-yellow, core-white rice, broken rice due to its significant color analysis and shape identification.

Nowadays, it is hard to describe the rejected fraction by numbers. Now smooth and high  quality  chutes, stable and consistent illumination,  high SNR cameras, and fast response ejectors, together with intelligent algorithms such as tertiary sorting  and object  center  identification, guarantee  the  high-quality of the final accepted products. Almost no good rice can be found in the final rejected product. The LS series  uses  a combination of multiple sensor technologies(Camera, Laser and SWIR) and is modularly  designed. Laser  and SWIR  modules  are optional  according to customer's requirements. It is also possible to pre-install the necessary base parts for future upgrading.  


Multi-spectral illumination: The high-brightness, long-lasting LED lighting, driven  by patented constant brightness control system, meets the require-ments of the high-accuracy and large-output color sorter and reduces the cost, it assures cameras of getting same quality images as human eyes do. Besides, SWIR and Laser illumination are introduced as spectral compen-sation to distinguish those defects which cannot be seen under visible light. 

Multi-dimensional fusion: The materials are detected and analyzed from various aspects such as spectrum, color ,shape, and the full characteristics of every aspect are presented.

Multi-model recognition: The computing resource provided by large-scale, high-speed FPGA is utilized to analyze the data from cameras. Meanwhile, appropriate color and space models are introduced when extracting specific characteristics of the materials to provide the basis for classification.

Multi-channel sensors: High-speed, high-resolution full-color CCD sensors and professional SWIR InGaAs sensors, together with high-speed, low-noise drive and AD sampling circuit, provide massive data in multiple dimensions and aspects.

High-speed and Energy-efficient Ejector: The Ejector of this machine is designed and tested for fast switching (up to 1800Hz), continuous working, long life, and easy maintenance. With the help of advanced recognition and striking algorithm, make a  good result in precisely removing the defect objects, besides, the air consumption is only a half compared to the boxed-ejector. That makes a significant energy saving.

Super Robust Hardware: Most boards are equipped with foolproof, fault-tolerant, self-protective, self-testing and alarm-feedback systems. The com-munication between boards is based on Ethernet which has been proved fast and reliable. There are temperature, voltage and current sensors throughout the machine helping user monitor machine and environment status in time, furthermore, automatic actions can be taken when necessary.

Extreme Easy Operation: Simple, clear, user-friendly, easy-learning GUI makes operation extremely easy. With the “ne key auto”operation, the machine will set all parameters automatically after the user enters Mode, Sensitivity, and Capacity. 

Intelligent Software: A mechanism of long-term tracking of LED intensity is established to ensure the consistency. Correction of non-consistence between different LEDs and white-balance of RGB are made automatically. Cloud service allows the machine be accessed from all over the world. It’ easy keeping the software up-to-date to continuously improve the performance. In addition, our experienced engineer will help customers for particular materials or requirements over the internet.

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