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Yongxiang CR series of true color CCD rice color sorter is a well-designed, manufactured, with theinternational level of professional rice color sorting machine, combined withof production needs of modern rice processing enterprises, and with Yongxianglong-term rice color sorting technology and experience.The machine adoptsultra-high resolution color CCD high-speed camera, high degree of intelligence,simple operation, excellent performance, powerful functions, smooth operation,to meet the need of variety of high-precision rice color sorting. It is thecurrent first rate high cost-effective rice color sorter, enabling users tosignificantly improve the product level, to gain good economic benefits.

Technique parameter:

 Output(t/h): 15-27   
 Power(kw):  4.2+3.2 


The use of neuralnetwork algorithm, multi-class and multi-target simultaneous identification, andthe use of intelligent multi-module, achieve a free combination of sortingmaterials (such as free combination of removal: light yellow, spots, bellywhite, crystal rice and a variety of other different colors).


Using of constantbrightness light source close to the natural spectrum and ultra-high resolutionCCD high-speed smart camera perfectly show the material itself, to let verylight yellow, tiny spots, core white and other rejects nowhere escape.

Using thealgorithm of material matching to capture achieves precision strike, to reducethe nondefective out , also reducing gas consumption.


The match of eject,up to 1500 Hz , long life, fast, short response time, and advanced algorithmstogether greatly reduces the nondefective out, also reducing gas consumption.

Adopting Ethernetnetwork communication and high-speed and reliable bus transmission realize realreal-time monitoring image acquisition, to achieve visible color selection.


WIFI & LAN ina variety of ways to connect the cloud server; achieve remote large dataanalysis, remote technology support, remote upgrade, remote real-timemonitoring running status of equipment, real-time online services.

With only onetouch achieves the trilogy of simple operation: "start -> automaticadjustment -> feeding", and zero out during automatic adjustmentprocess (during the traditional automatic adjustment process, rice is needed ,so rejects easy to be mixed) to prevent rejects mixed into the finishedproduct.