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The company organizes the annual voluntary fire drill in 2016

From:adminViews:Release time:2016-11-15

In order to further do a good job in fire control work, improve the emergency ability of obligatory fire brigade and firefighters fire skills, company  business administration office on November 3, 2016 organized a special fire drill in the afternoon.

Drills, prior to the start of the business administration office safety personnel to take part in exercise first firefighters on the fire control work for 2016 of the basic situation and several examples of a fire,  fire  safety work has carried on the arrangement for the future, put forward the specific requirements, announced the list after adjustment and supplement of firefighters, and made a specific arrangement for the fire drill.

This year's  fire drills are different from previous years. In previous years,  it was set up to simulate a fire scene. The fire was put out, some people didn't come up, the fire had been put out, and the practice was too formal.  This year is to all the players into four groups,  at the same time set up  four simulating  fire scene,  the  fire  extinguishing process of  four groups respectively for timing, see  which team fire when the shortest, in order to achieve  the effect of exercise. This kind of practice is closer  to  the actual practice, which increases the ability of the fire fighters to extinguish the fire, and achieves the purpose and effect of the activity.