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Congolese guests visit yongxiang

From:adminViews:Release time:2016-06-22

      On June 22, 10 am, the democratic republic of the Congo, Mr Emmanuel visit forever auspicious company, an adviser to the prime minister by hubei province agriculture department of international cooperation department chief led to visit forever auspicious company, cheng also accompanied Mr Emmanuel two assistants, and permanent auspicious company chairman Mr Yong-qiang wang, technical backbone, etc. Wing cheung during the zhou dynasty the root of the ministry of foreign trade manager is responsible for the interpretation of the machinery and equipment advantages, Mr Emmanuel scene showed his the purpose to wing cheung is 50 tons a day for a permanent cheung company sets of rice milling equipment, and expressed this is a very meaningful visit, at the same time also in wing cheung products have a new understanding. In the end, the two sides exchanged business CARDS and continued their discussions and offers in the form of mail, agreeing on long-term cooperation.