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"National grain and oil processing new technology and equipment advanced seminar" In the auspicious start

From:adminViews:Release time:2016-06-05

    On June 3rd, the national food and food administration organized the new technology and equipment advanced workshop for the national grain and oil processing, which was organized by wuhan light industry university. A total of 70 experts from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country gathered in wuhan to work on grain and oil processing. As this workshop first enterprise lecture hall, permanent auspicious food machine chairman wang yong tried the titled "forward setbacks in the hone glow" seminar, in the growth, combined with permanent auspicious 20 years vividly tells the story of the development of grain and oil processing technology and equipment in China, the trend of the development of the industry at home and abroad are introduced, and interact with students for half an hour.