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"Yongxiang" brand rice processing equipment has been awarded "famous brand products of hubei province"

From:adminViews:Release time:2016-04-18

Under the supervision of the ministry of technology supervision of  the city, yongxiang started the "famous brand products of hubei province" in June 2015. By the expert  committee of hubei  province in accordance with the general principles  of  the "hubei famous brand product" assessment review, after there is no objection on the social public in April 2016 by hubei province bureau of quality and technical supervision approved, and presented certificates and MEDALS. For 20  years, the company always adhere to the "innovation, refinement, the pursuit of the first, customer satisfaction forever" the quality policy, adhere to the ISO9001quality management system standards in enterprises management: adhere to market-oriented, technology import and independent innovation and research and development strategy, formed with independent intellectual property products, won the national and provincial "high-tech enterprise" title. To conform to the requirements  of the quality of products,  the company to strengthen quality management, on the basis of the introduction of advanced production management  software and hardware  technology  and  production equipment, and implement ERP production management system (ERP) program to control the whole  production process,  the  purchase of advanced  level in domestic and foreign digital processing  equipment, and the original  equipment upgrading. There are 109 CNC cutting machine  tools,  5 CNC laser cutting machine  and 6 automatic processing  center. At  the  same  time,  the "6S" field management is promoted to create a good  working atmosphere, providing reliable guarantee for the quality of the product.