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The yongxiang grain intelligent dryer has been approved by the national agricultural machinery

From:adminViews:Release time:2015-12-12

     In October 2015, by the national department of agriculture agricultural mechanization technology development promotion station organization expert group, rice in  hubei flower in the flower of the intelligent grain drying machine produced by our company for two days of performance tests, and the company's quality management system hascarried on the comprehensive evaluation, and auspicious intelligent  grain drying machine of the technical index  and performance  indicators have  reached the  leading domestic level, the experts fully affirmed, successfully passed the national farm machinery promotion appraisal.

     Over the past 2011 years,  the company  set up  jointly  by development  and technology center of  wuhan special  project team, consisting  of by  more than two years  of development, finally in July 2013,  completed  the  first intelligent grain drying production line production.  The rice industry was successfully installed in hubei in  September 2013. This production line is made up of a type 5 ld130  rice husk furnace (maximum heat 1.3 million calories), 5, 5 hx30 grain drying machine (per unit installed capacity of30 tons), cleaning equipment, wet barn, dry feed conveyor, discharging conveyor, barn, etc. After the operation, it has created a good economic benefit for the owner, which is popular with the users. The production line was certified by hubei agricultural machinery in 2014, and two innovative technologies were identified by the scientific and technological achievements of the hubei provincial science and technology department.

     In 2015, the company has developed the world's largest type 5 ld260 (2.6 million calories) calorific value biggest rice husk stove, and into the rice in hubei flower flower article 2intelligent grain drying production line, the success, by the ministry of agriculture experts and users of praise.

     The yongxiang grain intelligent  dryer is made up of  two parts: one is the rice shell furnace part, the function is to provide the heat source for the dryer. The second is the drying part, which is to dry the grain to safe water without  affecting the quality  of the  food.  Dryer can dry grain types include: rice, corn, wheat, canola, sorghum, sunflower seeds, coffee, all kinds of seeds, all kinds of granular agricultural products and goods, etc.

      China's grain output around the world first,  the quality is very good,  for a long time,  farmers harvest of grain has been on dried,  the intensity of labor is big, efficiency is low, water control, often produce mildew phenomenon, caused huge economic losses to farmers. In recent years, the agricultural machinery manufacturers have developed various  types  of grain drier, but due to the low level of manufacturing,  high automatic degree and water control were  regularly users complain about problems such as inaccurate.

      At present, there are several kinds of grain drying machines in China, which can be divided into three kinds: burning machine heating, steam boiler heating  and  rice shell furnace heating. The water testing method can be divided into the on-line water test and the resistance method on-line water test.

      Resistance method on-line moisture detection is the product that our company develops independently, belong to domestic original. The content is: the on-line inspection system that measures the moisture of the grain by measuring the moisture  of the  grain according to the resistance method. In the process of drying time sampling,  and the sample to measure  the value of comprehensive water, after crushing, measurement error  can be controlled  within  + / - 0.5%,  measured  interval    can automatically transform, according to the moisture value by the expert system automatically set the drying temperature, automatic stop when reaches moisture value, and   microcomputer interface,  realize  the drying process of  automatic control. On the basis of this,   the company has also developed an  expert  management system of domestic innovation to achieve  full automatic control of grain drying process.


       The yongxiang grain intelligent drying machine has the following characteristics

 1) automatic control,  LCD  screen display:  has set operation,  operation control and operation of the monitoring function,   into the rice husk,  out of the ashes,  is fully automatic,  as long as a press button, automatic combustion began burning operation automatically.

 2) ensure that equipment operation safety:  a stall detector (wink),  wind  pressure switch,  abnormal  overheating display, automatic temperature control, automatic exhaust heat, exhaust  pressure, full alarm, abnormal indication, abnormal failure interlock, security cable, thermal relay, control the fuse, etc.

 3) to ensure the quality of drying:  will the moisture detection,  temperature controller and microcomputer interface, drying temperature can be controlled in the plus or minus 1 ° C,according to different moisture value set different drying temperature, automatic stop when set moisture value is reached.

 4) the quantity of rice is low: the quantity of heat is determined by the quantity of heat required by the dryer, so the heat utilization is high, and one ton of rice husk can dry  about 25 to 30 tons of grain.

 5) the cost of drying is low:  rice husks are free energy, and the drying cost is only 1/4 to1/6 of the normal fuel burning machine, and well below the drying of artificial tanning.

 6) long service life: rice husk furnace of heat-resisting stainless steel, high temperature part of the dryer, dry layer is made of stainless  steel material abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, bearing, motor, reducer, such as adopt imported brand products, can use for a long time.

 7) without changing grain quality: adopt  the most advanced conditioning drying (drying to the tempering, drying and tempering) rapid drying at low temperature, ensure GuWen no more than 35 ℃. When baked, the rice is the best, with the least broken rice.

 8) the environment is in good condition: the husk furnace adopts the negative pressure suspension type combustion, the drying machine adopts suction dry, the dust is low, the noise is low, no pollution.

 9) dry speed:  using inclined flow large efficient exhaust fan,  compared with traditional centrifugal fan, the wind is large and efficient. While increasing the rate of drying, make sure the baked grain is cold.

10) after burning rice husk  ash more useful: beautiful rice husk ash can be used as industrial insulation materials, organic fertilizer or agricultural medium, etc., ash concentration collection processing, easy feeding. In order to meet the market demand, the company will also develop intelligent grain drying machine series products, constantly  upgrading of existing products at the same time,  to strive to create a first-class modern international product step by step.