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Complete project

       Complete sets  of engineering In order to satisfy the users' different  demands of rice milling equipment performance, and auspicious absorb the advantage of the rice milling  equipment at home and abroad,  and combining the actual situation of user rice raw materials,  the development of different  types of international configuration  sets of rice milling  equipment,  using large-scale industrialized  production and strict quality control procedures, to help users obtain cost-effective sets of rice milling equipment, and by the professional engineering  company  to provide users  with design,  manufacture,  installation, supervision, commissioning, training, and other one-stop service.

     Complete sets of engineering equipment  is according  to the customer characteristics of  rice, integrated yongxiang rice processing  professional  technical  elite, elaborate  design, manufacturing has the international advanced level of mechanical  and electrical integration,  complete sets of advanced equipment,  the complete set of engineering equipment from rice intensive cleaning, low temperature circulation drying paddy separation to rice, rice milling, multistage suction opening of rough grinding white, natural draft cooling  meters, secondary rice grading selection, multistage spray polishing, multi-channel color  choose, metering, automatic packaging and plastic finishing equipment with automatic  program  control,  workshop  production  management system, such as the parts, both independent  and interrelated  to each other, perfect,  advanced production technology, high rice yield,  low noise  and little dust production site,  equipment configuration of scientific and reasonable, high degree of automation, stable performance, safe and reliable operation, operation is very simple. Especially suitable for  rice milling  enterprise scale, intensive  industrial  upgrading needs, is the single large production  capacity,  advanced  technology,  high  cost  effectiveness,  environmental  protection  and  energy saving of the advanced rice processing complete sets of equipment.

      Permanent auspicious complete  sets of engineering is a professional engaged in rice processing engineering research,  design,  installation,  commissioning, training and other services department, has more than 30 kinds of  professional  and  technical  personnel,  of  which  has  more  than 20  engineers and technical titles, leading  a  team of  more  than 60 professional engineering installation  team,  after 10 years  of  building  specialization, has become a mature technology, with high style and excellent quality, civilization construction professional team, with the emphasis of rice processing enterprises at home and abroad to establish a good information communication channel; To explore new technology, new technology  of rice processing at home  and abroad, bend force makes the rice of complete  sets of engineering design, installation and  debugging of  the new platform.  Through the outreach,  the  engineering  construction at home  and abroad  every year dozens of rice processing engineering projects, won the professionals at home and abroad and praise. complete engineering direction: design specialization; Institutionalized management; 

Form a complete set of standardized; Equipment modernization; Installation of standardization.

yongxiang complete engineering principle: the user's demand is our pursuit, customer satisfaction forever

yongxiang complete engineering  strategy:  professional  quality  for  innovation;  By  the  high  quality service for

survival, in order to promote the development of science and technology.

yongxiang package engineering features:

1. The whole production line segment starting and stopping, the delay order to start and stop can reach the level 

     of extremely fast;

2. The conveying machinery detection speed, focus on current detection machines;

3. Statistics, can view the historical data of power consumption;

4. Statistics, you can view the historical data of each flow balance;

5. Statistical reports, piecewise measuring electricity consumption, can view each power consumption;

6. Statistics can query the output of each flow balance in nodes;

7. Use a machine will alarm information sent to the LED display screen

8. meters solution set and control;

9. Moperation control.

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