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MLGQ51E paddy husker is a new fully automatic frequency conversion and high efficiency machine by scientific optimization design and numbers of patented technology innovation and successfully independent research and development, solving the problem-focused bad stability, low level of automation on currently existing hulling machine. Tranditional gearbox of husker is been taken off, with dual motors variable frequency drive for both rollers, dialogue through touch screen interface, intelligent operation, to achieve fully automatic control. Excellent overall performance, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, low noise, it is the necessary key equipment to meet the modern rice milling enterprise to improve economic efficiency, to achieve intensive, large-scale, automated production .

Technique parameter:
Output(t/h):  7-10   


Without traditional gearbox, dual-motor inverter drive and automatically timing switch in use, increasing the transmission efficiency,Reducing vibration and noise, improving the production environment of the scene while cutting down user costs;

Patented technology of fixing rubber roller method, running smoothly without vibration, drive with timing belt non- slip;

High degree of automation, working status by touch screen dialogue, intelligent operation, unattended;

With automatic adjustment of the pressure between the rollers, automatic close to each other when feeding, automatic off when no feeding, automatic flow control, self door open and close for feeding, overload alarm, real-time display machine working status and other functions.
Revolutionary product, worry-saving.  
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