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Applying international advanced technology, combined with domestic actual production process, 150X4 flat rotary separator is well-designed high efficiency combined large-scale cleaning equipment, solving the problem-focused impurity content in raw paddy exceeding index, large amount of shriveled paddy, small stalks difficult to clean and requiring manual handling.(TQLM150X4 go with the system of removing light impurity). It is mainly used for cleaning medium, thin, light impurities in the raw grain. Rotary material on the screen surface moves through sieves with different apertures to screen continuously, meantime air aspirating at inlet and outlet ,significantly reduced content of impurities, to achieve removing medium, thin, light impurities. with long sieving route, large capacity, low energy consumption, good grading effect, strong air aspirating effect, low noise, simple operation, particularly suitable for large yield, impurity content exceeding index,granular materials cleaning and grading. It is the main equipment for the intensive production of modern large-scale rice milling enterprises.

Technique parameter
Power(kW):  3+0.75  

By using structure of suspender, smooth running, low noise, low energy consumption, long sifting route, large screening area, high capacity, good cleaning and grading effect;

With automatic material feeding device, material flow rate is stable and the distribution is even, Improving the screening and grading effect 

With a suction device at inlet and outlet, to strengthen the role of aspirating, significant cleaning effect

Combined sieve box made of metallic material, sieve punching on high flatness of the metallic plate , strength, small space, long life, easy to replace and flexible, user can choose different apertures sieve according to different materials conditions to achieve the best cleaning results;

With automatic cleaning device, centralized impurities collection, good cleaning effect ,no blocked, no needing artificial regularly cleaning the screen surface, greatly reducing the cost;

Configuring air control, always adjusting the air flow according to different materials, to ensure cleaning effect always stable and reliable;

High degree of automation, simple operation, using motor drive with brake set and vibration monitor that can quickly stop, good vibration absorption effect to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
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