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To realize intensive and large-scale production needs in modern large-scale rice milling enterprises, combined with long-term research and development, professional and technical advantages in the rice mills production, MNML29 vertical iron whitener is well designed, optimized and improved new generation of product, featuring large output, long life, simple operation, mainly for processing brown rice and making it whitening.It is a main equipment for large rice milling enterprise

Technique parameter:

 Output(t/h):    10-15
 Main  power(kW):  55-75 
 Turbo  fan  power(kW):  4

 auger power(kW):  3     


Using force feeding auger, flow stability, large output, less broken rice increment.

With air adjustment device and current and negative pressure display , adjustable negative pressure , easy to operate.

The key components such as main shaft bearings and motor bearings, belts, negative pressure meter and others adopt international brand components, good performance, stable and reliable.
Wearing parts adopt wear-resistant material , manufacturing with advanced technology. long service life.
Equipped with a variety of motor pulleys for choice, able to adapt to different varieties of rice processing needs.Optional multi-directional feed and discharge, fast and easy matching.