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MNML52vertical emery roll whitener is well designed and manufactured according to rice processing demands at home and abroad, combined with rich experience in long-term research and development of rice mills and adopting modern manufacturing technology and equipped with international brand parts. The machine is mainly used to process brown rice and make it white.It is the main equipment for the intensive production of modern large-scale rice milling enterprises.

Technique parameter:

 Output(t/h): 10-16
 Power(kW): 55-75


 application of rice milling technology with big and high speed of air flow makes capacity big, rice temperature low and broken rice less.
 movable screen frame and emery rolls shaped like sheets or layers imported components, durable in use.
 current and negative pressure indication, easy to operate.
 wear parts made with advanced manufacturing technology, long service life.
 multi-position discharging, convenient for collocation.