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             Yongxiang QW series CCD Color Sorter is an international standard professional sorter, in accordance with the actual needs of the modern wheat-flour processing. The QW series sorter is carefully designed with long-term sorting experience, and manufactured with international brand-name parts. The machine is of high intelligence, large production (10-24t/h), excellent performance, smooth running, and especially good at eliminating many kinds of defects. This color sorter is currently most cost-effective, so users can greatly improve the product grade by lower costs. It worth modern flour mills have.

Technique parameter:

 Output(t/h): 12-20   
 Power(kw):   2.8 


2048 pixels high -sensitvity CCD sensor with professional processing algorithms, very good image quality with extremely low noise, thus the defects can be easily identified. it/s especially suitable for eliminating mildewed  and spotted wheat, mouse droppings, seeds, small stones and other impurities.

the LED lamps with special wavelength have very long life (more than three years). it uses patented technology to reduce working noise. The LED lamps have good stability and are cost-effective.

New generation high-speed single ejector, frequency up to 1100Hz above, fast switching speed, precise control without air tail, high hitting accuracy, low bring out, less air consumption, large production. and long life (more than 1 billion times, insurable with three years). 

Large chute with special treatment on the surface, smooth wear, so wheat is not easy to jump to ensure the stability of the color sorting effect. The smooth chute can also reduce the carry out.

A well-designed human interface, intelligent, powerful, clearly structured with 3 grade password. The “one-key intelligent Adjustment” function is very user-friendly, simple and easy to use.

The machine has greatly enhancing system reliability. it uses many international brand-name parts, designed with optimized circuits, manufactured with advanced arts and crafts. it has intelligent on-board monitoring system such as temperature, voltage, current, ejector working state, etc.

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