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MGCZ70x20x2 paddy separator is newly designed and manufactured according to the actual situation of domestic paddy, combined with years of experience of producing paddy separator.Brown rice can be separated from the mixture of paddy and brown rice by different specific gravity, through special reciprocating sieve.It has strong separation ability, easy maintenance, greatly improving the gain of whole rice, enhancing the economic efficiency. It is one of the key equipments in rice milling process.

Technique parameter:

Power(kW): 5.5

Specially designed frame, national patent technology, compact structure,
Solid and durable, small floor space.
Double screen bodies combination, good balance, stable operation, stable and reliable performance.
Screen made by special process, good separation effect, wide application range.
Large capacity per unit area, high output.
With automatic stop device, high degree of automation, easy operation and reliable.
Adopting international famous brand key parts, durable.